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Hooklift Systems

Unmatched Efficiency
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hooklift systems

Hooklift Systems Designed for Your Needs

T Sanchez Ltd installed hooklift systems are designed to pick up, dump, transport and unload your containers quickly and safely. That means larger profits for you. No matter what your specific distribution needs, let us help you find the right hooklift system.

Extensive Selection

We can install a wide selection of hooklift systems designed for many different applications. From 6,600-pound hooklift systems, designed to handle containers between 10 and 12′, to 60,000-pound systems designed to pick up, dump, transport, and unload massive containers.
hooklift systems
hooklift systems

Easy Pick-up and Drop-off

Drivers can quickly and easily pick-up and drop-off containers and other truck bodies with a hydraulic hooklift-equipped chassis. These systems are ideal for waste haulers, municipalities, contractors, and many others.

Build Your Next Truck With T Sanchez Ltd

If you have decided to buy a hooklift system for your chassis with the intent of swapping out various truck bodies for greater utilization and a better payoff on your investment, contact us.

hooklift systems

Hooklift System Options

Listed below is some of the equipment that can be integrated into the hooklift system. Other types of truck-mounted equipment can be engineered and installed on an appropriate hooklift system. Tell us what you need.

  • Aerial Lifts to 50’ of vertical reach
  • Cranes up to 35-ton meter capacity
  • Water Tankers to 4,000-gallon capacity: stainless, mild steel and plastic
  • Septic Pumpers to 4,000-gallon capacity: stainless or mild steel
  • Hydro-Seeders
  • Garbage Packers both side and rear types
  • Cement Mixers both drum and volumetric types
  • Sanders up to 18-yard capacity
  • Asphalt Hot Patch Systems
  • Traffic Attenuator Systems both class III and II
  • Dump Bodies fabricated in Hardox ®, stainless or mild steel
  • Waste Containers up to 40-yard capacity
  • Waste Grapple Systems
  • Vacuum Excavators
  • Flat-bed Bodies to 24’ in length
  • Recovery Flat Beds with up to 18K winches

Hooklift System Examples