Serving NJ, NY and the Mid-Atlantic States

Snow & Ice Vehicles

Custom Designed
For Your Specific Needs

Municipal Trucks

Plows & Spreaders

We carry a full line of plows, spreaders, v box spreaders, and under the tailgate spreaders that are custom designed for your specific needs. You can decide to have an anti-ice system attached to your truck.

Combo Bodies

  • Side tilt bodies
  • U Combo bodies
  • Front and rear discharge
  • With or without anti-ice system
Municipal Trucks
Municipal Truck Snow Plow

Winged Plows

We have multiple winged plow options to choose from such as full benching truck leveling wings, patrol leveling, and mid-mount wings.

Corrosion Protection

At T Sanchez Ltd, we create your dump bodies out of Domex, stainless steel, and aluminum metals to ensure the longevity of your truck.

Municipal Trucks

Snow & Ice Options

  • Anti-ice systems
  • Custom plow hitches
  • Strobe lights
  • Electric tarp systems
  • Pintle plates
  • Coal doors
  • Sizes of bodies from 8ft to 20ft long
  • Sizes of spreaders from 8ft to 22ft long
  • Plows from 9ft to 12ft

Snow & Ice Body Examples