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Just One Truck…
A Host of Different Opportunities

Switch n Go

Interchangeable Truck Body System

Build or expand your fleet with the Switch-N-Go interchangeable truck body system. Instead of purchasing another truck chassis, you’ll only need to purchase the additional bodies that you need.

  • Less annual expenses for registration, inspections, and insurance
  • Reduce maintenance time and cost
  • Less drivers are required with trailer experience
  • Load and unload truck bodies with the push of a button
  • Keep truck moving while other bodies are being loaded with materials
  • Employee injuries are reduced by loading at ground level

Quick Loading and Unloading

Uplift your various truck bodies quickly with the push of a button.  Switch-N-Go is safe, easy to operate, and there is no need to get out of the cab to change your truck body.

Switch-N-Go provides for fast changeovers and improved work efficiencies by allowing you to drop off and pick up at multiple work sites.

Switch n Go
Switch n Go

The Power of a Fleet with Just One Truck

With one truck you can always have the body that suits the job.  You’ll experience the versatility and flexibility you need to expand your business or see a higher return on your investment.

Discover the possibilities to do so much more with less.

Endless Uses

Switch-N-Go interchangeable truck body systems provide for an endless variety of commercial uses and services.

These include landscaping, municipalities, waste hauling, snow management, building and construction, tree care services, and rental and equipment transport and delivery.

The ability to exchange truck bodies is perfect for staging various jobs, offering more services, optimizing your workday, and maximizing your investment.

Switch n Go

Switch-n-Go Examples